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Sketch works from Hiro Mashima; Natsu as a girl?

Lots of manga artist will go and have fun with sketching their characters in unique situations, environments, clothing and places that would never actually happen in their main work. These sketches provide a lot of fun and entertainment for fans of certain artists’ work.

Here i will be showing you a bunch of sketches from Hiro Mashima, author and artist of the widely popular anime and manga series, Fairy Tail.  





B9zNkiJCYAAvNAu216279_v0_460x B_afJlBVAAAxVlz Bt_pZUkCQAA4ah5B2J2rUNCEAI7LKN Bl1W95OCQAAWFsC Blv8uaMCMAE8sdJBtJNqhuCYAAcZH_
Bx-Mn9jCYAA6d3N ByDkvAXCMAIc6bu CABnxw7U0AASp7a CBwL4s9UgAAfT5T

Br8n6jgCUAAcdYw (1)



One thought on “Sketch works from Hiro Mashima; Natsu as a girl?

  1. natsu as a girl will cool thing

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    Posted by rahmadsouji | May 3, 2015, 3:48 am

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