About Fun Times Sama

Hey, and welcome to my about page! Hmmm… About me eh?

Well from the first line you can tell I’m Canadian. Besides that, i am a proud owner of the Anime Fun Times Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram and, now, wordpress blog! By day I ‘m a regular student in Ontario,  Canada but by night I’m the world renowned (not really world renowned) Fun Times Sama!

So how did this all begin? Well, first I started off with the AnimeFunTimes twitter page just because of my love for anime and manga and  i wanted to share it with anyone who wanted to listen. From that day, on September 14th, 2014, Anime Fun Times expanded to Instagram, Tumblr and now a blog! So far i have loved the experience of talking to so many people with the same love for anime, manga and everything in between as me. Unfortunately, i’m not the best writer in the world and i just type what i feel, so if there’s one thing I can guarantee you on this blog, its that it is always real and never fake!

Feel free to check out the contact page and follow me on all my platforms as well as drop me an email for any inquires or business purposes.


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