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May 9th is officially Goku Day in Japan

Today on May 9th, 2015, in Japan, people are celebrating Goku Day. The Japan Anniversary Association has declared that May 9th will officially be recognized as “Goku Day”. The reasoning can be interpreted to be that, in Japanese, the numbers 5 and 9 are read as “Go” and “Ku”. The 5 because May is the 5th month and the 9th day. Masako Nozawa, Goku’s Japanese voice actress, attended a stage event in Shinjuku, Japan to celebrate the declaration of this new day. goku-no-hi-1-30th.png At the event Nozawa talked about her experiences in the voice acting field and specifically in the Dragon Ball franchise. She spoke of how, at the beginning of her career, she hated voice acting. As she went along in here career primarily auditioning for the role of male characters she realised that she also wanted to play the role of beautiful women. 001_size8Goku may not be a woman, but he’s at least beautiful, right? Later during her speech, Nozawa was astonished by the presence of a life sized Goku running up onto the stage, congratulating her with 59 carnations and recognizing her as the “Mother of Dragon Ball.” Sunday, May 10th, being Mothers day around the world, Nozawa now has more to be proud of on this day.

A very big “Happy Mothers Day” goes out to all the mothers in the world. Thank you for being you!

Sources: Anime News Network, Matan Web


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