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Kakashi’s FULL face revealed!

At a Naruto  art exhibition in Tokyo, everyone who attended received a ‘Official Guestbook Shinden Fū no Sho’. The contents of that book answered the one question that all Naruto fans have been wondering; even characters themselves.

What does Kakashi’s face look like?

And here… Is the answer:

kakashi-1 kakashi-2Story wise what happens is that Naruto, Sakura and Sasuke are trying to come up with a plan to see whats behind Kakashi’s mask. So they meet up with a photographer named Sukea. who wants to take pictures of Kakashi’s face himself. After failing they all give up and go home. But it turns out that the photographer Sukea was Kakashi all along. In a shower scene before the end of the book Kakashi’s full face is finally revealed after 15 years of waiting.

What do you think? Disappointed? Was it worth the wait?


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