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Sauske’s mistress??? [Naruto: Gaiden, Chapter 1 analysis]

The first chapter of the all new Naruto Gaiden: The Seventh Hokage hosts a lot of plot and character setting. It starts off with the next generation Ninjas in their classroom discussing their Graduation Exam.


Right off the bat you get to know the thought processes of the new Ninja and you can probably generalize (for the most part) what type of characters their going to be and what roles their going to play.

(Going from left to right)

Inojin: Goody two shoes, cares a lot about rules, probably wont have that much character development, sort of an extra, like Sai

Chocho: Basic b*itch, acts like shes all that (this is shown in later pictures and pages)

Shikadai: Exactly like his father, the character design, personality, hair style, everything is just so similar i doubt he’s going to be any different.


hate her.

doner donereer

Now on the other hand, the 2 main characters. Boruto and Sarada.

Boruto has a love (i assume) and hate relationship with his father. He acts really cocky and great and does the same things Naruto did as a kid; like painting on the Hokage mountain sculpture.

hokage culpt fight bvn

Now lets move onto Sarada, the real high light of the show.

Sarada has A LOT of character development in one chapter alone. This consists of:

Her confusion of the idea of ‘becoming ninjas”, which will probably play a big role in her development as a character and maybe have some alternate version of ‘Naruto’s Ninja Way’.


Her very obvious depression and struggle about the absence of her father, Sasuke, in her life.



Sarada has a confrontation with Sakura accusing her and questioning if she is even her real mother. This plays an important roll for the ending of this chapter and most likely crazy plot twists that are yet to arise.


Here Sarada finds a picture of Sasuke with Team Taka, including a woman that resembles Sarada greatly; Karin.

asdasagaI know everyone’s thinking it. Did Sasuke and Karin have a thing?

Is Sarada Karin’s child and not Sakura’s? Maybe that’s why Sakura snapped when Sarada was questioning her legibility as her mother.


Now yes… That was a lot to take in, especially in one chapter, but lets not forget one question that I’m sure I wasn’t the only one wondering…


done 3

I guess we just have to wait and find out the answers to all our questions.

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3 thoughts on “Sauske’s mistress??? [Naruto: Gaiden, Chapter 1 analysis]

  1. omg yes. I was wondering who that guy next to Boruto was. He has pale, grayish skin and I don’t recall someone important having those features.


    Posted by bearzachan | April 24, 2015, 3:40 am
  2. i havent the slightest idea and its been makin me a bit irate maybe its chojuros kid


    Posted by Adrian | April 29, 2015, 8:13 pm

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